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Nixle Notifications

Receive Real Time Public Safety Messages Through Text Messaging. 

The Wappingers Falls Police Department has partnered with Nixle to implement its Community Notification System to alert residents in real-time for about localized emergency situations and relevant community advisories.


As part of your family emergency planning, you are encouraged to sign up for Wappingers Falls Nixle emergency notifications. Emergency notifications will be sent directly to you via text message.


You will not be receiving many text's from us. These will only be Alert Messages, messages that are deemed critically important for public safety. Alery messages may include severe weather that occurring or likely to occur and dangerously impact the Village, prolonged roads closures, unsafe conditions, crime advisories, homeland security incidents and any other critical incident that we believe residents should be made aware of. 


As a resident, there are several simple ways to register:

  1. Text your ZIPCODE to 888777 from your mobile phone

  2. Click on the Nixle logo below:




Alert Messages are reserved for critically important information and are sent by SMS and email.


Advisory Messages require a heightened sense of awareness from the community, but are considered less time critical than Alerts. Advisory messages will reach you by email only.

Community Messages convey everyday local news, happenings, and developments. Community messages should not contain any time-critical information.

Once registered, residents will receive a confirmation text to their mobile device. Residents may also customize their alert settings by going to and creating a User Profile. 


Our goal is to get every village household signed up for Nixle notifications. Being able to quickly notify and keep residents informed in time of emergency will help keep us all safe. 


The service is secure, reliable and easy to use.


All Alerts will be targeted geographically, allowing residents to receive localized, relevant alerts from the Wappingers Falls Police Department.  Nixle Alerts can be sent via Text, Email, Web, and the Nixle Mobile App in an instant.  Nixle is partnered with the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System for unmatched data security, as well as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the National Blue Alert Network, and Google for unmatched reach and two-way information exchange.


We are very excited to have you experience it for yourself.

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