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The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible portion of the Department providing 24-hour protection, 365 days a year.  The Patrol Division consists of the uniform officers, driving marked squad cars, who are the first to respond to citizen's calls for service.  The patrol division's duties include:  enforcing traffic laws, investigating traffic accidents, reports of criminal activity, public disturbances, juvenile troubles, all types of alarms, as well as other requests for assistance to maintain peace and order in the community.  Patrol officers prepare written reports of their observations to be used for documentation, criminal or municipal charges, or for follow-up by the Detective Division.




Any one position may not include all the duties listed nor do the examples cover all of the duties which may be performed.



  • Patrol area to protect people's lives and property.

  • Regulate traffic.

  • Respond to accidents or stranded motorists.

  • Identify and arrest people accused of violations, including assault, burglary, larceny, and carjacking. 

  • Enforce motor vehicle laws.

  • Testify in court.

  • Bag and present evidence.

  • Respond to distress calls or calls for assistance.

  • Investigate reports of suspicious activity.

  • Interview witnesses and suspects.

  • Call for backup if needed.

  • Pursue fleeing suspects on foot.

  • Search vehicles for drugs or paraphernalia. 

  • Investigate traffic accidents to determine cause of accident.

  • Provide road assistance to motorists and give directions if necessary.

  • Assist transients with relocation and shelter information.

  • Book and process prisoners.

  • Write records of arrests and reasons for arrest.

  • Reroute traffic in case of accidents or emergencies.

  • Escort citizens during funeral processions. 

  • Issue citations or warnings to people who violate motor vehicle laws.

  • Check for proper identification and verify licenses and registration during traffic stops.

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